Senior business developer CIS and Middle East

The role of a Senior Business Development Manager is to focus on creating business opportunities and maintaining the compliance with the local business practices in CIS and Middle East. The major focus is to enter the medical domain in order to get necessary approvals of local authorities to be able to supply the equipment.


  • Building and managing the commercial opportunities within the business area of the company.
  • Creating new business areas and finding markets for new company products.
  • Developing and coordinating the business strategy and the risk management.
  • Supervising the production and installed.
  • Maintaining the relationship with clients and authorities.


  • Strong personal communication skills. International experience is preferred.
  • Vast knowledge of local business practices and legislation in the CIS and Middle East regions.
  • Fluent Dutch, Russian, Hebrew. Knowledge of German is an advantage.
  • Ability to study the International and Dutch business legislation.
  • Knowledge and experience in medical domain is required.
  • Travel to CIS and Middle East regions. No entry visa requirement is highly advantageous.


  • Good salary.
  • Working in international environment.

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